Rowboat Creative, a Chicago-based custom branded merchandise manufacturer whom produces merch for some of the world’s largest musicians, creatives, and designers such as Joe Freshgoods, McDonald’s, Chance The Rapper, Live Nation, Nike, etc., has launched an initiative titled “Creatives Who Care."

The Creatives Who Care initiative not only helps keep Rowboat Creative staff employed during these uncertain times, but also reacts quickly and compassionately towards those in the service industry, music industry, and many other business entities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • ZERO upfront cost / ZERO financial risk.
  • • You supply a design or work with Rowboat Creative’s design team to create a unique merch item FOR FREE!
  • • Rowboat Creative builds your FREE online donation platform as part of the Creatives Who Care Initiative.
  • • You choose your campaign duration (typically 5-7 days, or can be on-going with benchmarked production rounds).
  • • Your campaign goes live via shareable links though Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • • Supporters can purchase/donate securely through their phones or computers.
  • • At the end of your campaign, all goods are produced and sent directly to the donors & supporters, eliminating your need to leave your home.
  • ALL NET PROFIT proceeds are then transferred securely to the campaign leader to be distributed.
  • • In the end, the Creatives Who Care initiative and you, have helped someone in need during these uncertain times AND provided them with a unique piece of branded merch.
  • • Simple and eective, now LET’S CREATE.

  • • We create a 1 color imprint on a base level tee.
  • • Supporters purchase this tee for $25ea (S-XL) + shipping.
  • • $19 per tee purchased was just raised for your initiative to donate.
  • • 100 tees sold = $1900 of real money available to those in need.