The Robert Mello Studio is excited to be pairing with Creatives Who Care to offer the very first RMS t-shirt!

When the pandemic hit - we cut our prices significantly and promised that none of our intensive students would be prevented from finishing because of an inability to pay. Like artists throughout the world - many lost their day jobs or had their hours severely cut. Many lost jobs or had hours cut.

When you buy one of these t-shirts, you help those students and assist the studio in getting caught up financially. So far, the pandemic has cost us nearly $10,000 - and that is assuming we are not sued for back rent on the Doraville space - something that remains a genuine possibility.

Creatives Who Care only helps arts organizations around the country by requiring no upfront cost, and generously donating back 100% of NET proceeds of each sale to the organization they are assisting.

These t-shirts will only be available for a limited time, and we need your help today!