There have been so many amazing people who have asked how they can support the goats during this time, and we are so thankful! We have partnered with Rowboat Creative and the Creatives Who Care Initiative to help raise funds together. All proceeds for every one of these shirts will go towards our Boka Restaurant Group Employee Relief Fund page. Please support us as you always have, and Let’s Goat Through This Together!

Rowboat Creative, a Chicago-based custom branded merchandise manufacturer whom produces merch for some of the world’s largest musicians, creatives, and designers such as Joe Freshgoods, McDonald’s, Chance The Rapper, Live Nation, Nike, etc., has launched an initiative titled “Creatives Who Care."

The Creatives Who Care Initiative not only helps keep Rowboat Creative staff employed during these uncertain times, but also reacts quickly and compassionately towards those in the service industry, music industry, and many other business entities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.