Ilyse Robbins here. As Associate Artistic Director of Greater Boston Stage Company, I have seen how furloughs are affecting our industry. As a free-lance artist, I see that there is very little work in the foreseeable future. As a board member of the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund, I see the incredible need pouring in from our community of artists and practitioners. With COVID-19 preventing us from coming out to gather together and presenting a massive threat to the well-being of not only GBSC but the entire greater Boston area arts ecosystem, we knew that we needed to gather our friends together and play harder than we ever have before.

So, we at Greater Boston Stage Company invite you to Come Out and Play...Wicked Hard! With the help of our friends at StageSource and the Creatives Who Care Initiative, we have joined together with 53 other local theatre companies for a limited edition “Boston Plays Wicked Hard” t-shirt. The greater Boston theater community is diverse, inclusive, and determined to help each other in this time of crisis. 100% of the proceeds from sales will go to The Theatre Community Benevolent Fund, a fund that provides financial relief to theater practitioners in times of crisis and need - and there has never been a time that TCBF has been more important to our community than right now.